There was a Spanish family named Santa with a long tradition in the elaboration of high quality wines in Spain and France

Roger Santa, son of Don Diego the founder, decided to expand their skills to Mexico in the latter part of the last century with a vision of developing a Tequila that includes the high standard production process of the European world with the unique handmade techniques that the family had been using for many years.

After a long time of investigation and tasting of different agave liquor harvests, he found the perfect balance between smell, taste and body. With this success he named the Tequila after his father’s name “Don Diego Santa”.

After a period of time and with the idea of increasing the quality in the production process without losing the handmade essence that gave it a distinct mark, he found just the right match to continue with the objectives of his family company: the name was “Destileria Río de Plata”.

This is how Roger Santa has continued with the exportation of Tequila Don Diego Santa™ during the last 10 years in the European market and being always at the forefront searching for strategies to improve the product’s class

The Distillery

In 1943 a small tequila distillery with the name of Destilería Río de Plata was established in Guadalajara, Mexico. Creators of Tequila Don Diego Santa™, they introduce us to three authentic and traditionally styled tequilas, handcrafted using only small pot distillation.

A commitment to quality to produce the best

Produced only by the traditional and time-proven manner of slowly cooking the Blue Agave in small batches, one small batch at a time, in stainless steel pots. This is without question an expensive and time consuming process but is the only way to make the finest quality tequilas and the only way the tequilas of Tequila Don Diego Santa™ are made.

Quality facts:
  • quality_factsOutstanding quality - distilled from only 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber
  • quality_factsEstate grown agave
  • quality_factsHand made artisan product
  • quality_factsMultiple destilation process
  • quality_factsKosher Certified
  • quality_factsArtisan product utilizing small batch pot distillation
  • quality_factsOak barrel aging
  • quality_factsLimited production
  • quality_factsVery unique and memorable packaging that clearly communicates premium tequila and capturing “The True Taste of Mexico”
  • quality_factsProduced and bottled by one of the most highly respected producers in Guadalajara, Mexico, “Destilería Río de Plata”
  • quality_factsNew to the U.S. and exported to a number of European markets

The important thing of course is what’s in the bottle, not the bottle itself. Yet, the tall, beautifully shaped glass container and the traditional label of Tequila Don Diego Santa™ speak of the history, the tradition, and to Mexico’s cultural soul.